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At Atlina Chiropractic, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our chiropractors are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal health through the gentle, customized techniques of NUCCA Chiropractic Care.

Our chiropractic physicians take the time to get to know every patient and their medical history and fully understand their pain and concerns so that we can address the root of the problem.

Atlina Chiropractic embraces a personalized approach to health, eschewing a one-size-fits-all method.

Personalized Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractors never take a one-size-fits-all approach to chiropractic care.

We understand that each person's journey to health requires a personalized approach. We combine highly effective techniques and services that are natural and non-invasive to help our patients achieve their health goals.

Our team consists of experienced chiropractic professionals dedicated to providing the best care possible. Our passion for holistic health and wellness drives us to strive for excellence in helping our patients live pain-free, healthy lives.

In addition to our chiropractic and alternative medicine services, we also offer a wealth of knowledge and resources through our wellness network. We invite you to meet our team, get to know us, and let us guide you on your path to total health and well-being.

Our Team

Chiropractor Dr. Lisa Nhu

Dr. Lisa Nhu

Dr. Lisa Nhu

Dr. Lisa Nhu is a passionate and dedicated Upper Cervical Chiropractor who brings her enthusiasm for holistic wellness care to every patient she treats. With a special focus on NUCCA, a gentle and effective technique, Dr. Lisa has repeatedly witnessed the positive impact that the gentle and effective NUCCA technique has on her patients’ lives. Dr. Lisa is committed to helping her patients achieve vitality and wellness through chiropractic care, and she takes pride in seeing them regain control of their health.


After graduating magna cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Lisa became a Doctor of Chiropractic and joined prestigious organizations such as the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Association (ICA), and California Chiropractic Association (CCA). Her dedication to her patients' health and well-being led her to specialize in caring for expecting mothers and children.


Dr. Lisa's path to becoming a chiropractor wasn't always clear. She initially pursued a healthcare career, but after working in a research lab and volunteering at a hospital, she realized that the traditional medical approach didn't align with her values. It wasn't until she experienced back pain herself and received life-changing results from chiropractic care that she knew this was the path for her.

She believes that pain is not normal and should not be ignored but instead addressed as a sign that something needs to be fixed in the body. With her compassionate nature and dedication to empowering others, Dr. Lisa is a trusted and respected healthcare professional in the Danville, CA, community and surrounding areas.

Dr. Jonathan Hooker

Dr. Jonathan Hooker

Dr. Jonathan Hooker

Dr. Jonathan Hooker is a highly passionate and experienced Chiropractor in Danville, CA, who is enthusiastic about promoting wellness through gentle and effective adjustments. With a strong background in medical research and a focus on NUCCA style adjustments, he has helped countless patients achieve an active and pain-free lifestyle. Dr. Jonathan dedicates his practice to helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals. With a gentle touch and a focus on empowering his patients, he strives to get them back to doing what they love with minimal pain and discomfort.


After graduating cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West and majoring in physics at Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. Jonathan worked at the UCSD Liver Imaging Lab, where he wrote over 50 research articles on the topic. His extensive medical research background allows him to bring a scientific and evidence-based approach to his clinical care.


Dr. Jonathan's love for athletics and his personal experience with injuries have given him a unique understanding of the importance of proper alignment and function in the body. As an avid cyclist and former track and cross country athlete, he knows firsthand how chiropractic care can help improve performance and alleviate pain. Whether you're an athlete looking to perform at your best or someone seeking relief from chronic pain, Dr. Jonathan is committed to helping you live an active and healthy life. With his chiropractic expertise and genuine care for his patients, he is a trusted and respected figure in the community.

Affordable Chiropractic Care

Care Packages for the Entire Family

At Atlina Chiropractic, we believe in making chiropractic care accessible and affordable for families. We understand that parenting is a full-time job, and it can be challenging to prioritize your health. That's why we offer discounted chiropractic care packages for adults and children.

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